Rebecca Warren limited edition print 1208U
Rebecca Warren limited edition print 1208U
Rebecca Warren limited edition print 1208U
Rebecca Warren

1990 (2007)

Edition of 35
Lithographic print on MDF, with pom-pom, cotton thread, wood shaving, twig and wood chip.
41 x 23 x 8 cm (16 x 9 x 3 in)
Each comes with a certificate, signed and numbered by the artist. The art work is designed to be mounted directly onto the wall and a simple hanging device is included.
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Due the fragile nature of this edition, it is available for collection only. Please contact us if you would like to arrange this.

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Like Warren's wall-based vitrines, '1990' is made from an assemblage of objects and detritus collected in and around the studio. Partly having the impression that these materials have come to rest here of their own random accord, yet too strangely composed to be mere accident, we are left to consider what possible thermatological act is at work here. Each '1990' consists of the same, repeated lithographic print, pasted to the MDF board, to which the same objects are then glued, with some barely perceptible variations in the twig, the wood shaving, the wool and the string.
Rebecca Warren's sculptures develop long-standing lines of sculptural enquiry into the history of art. It's an enquiry that can be traced back to its prehistoric magical inception, through ideals of representation of the human, to modern and postmodern reduction. In this process, inevitably, it takes in the work of canonical male artists such as Boccioni, Degas, Renoir, De Kooning, as well as cartoonist Robert Crumb. Warren's position regarding her antecedents is very much a fluid one, moving from homage to caricature, from celebration to willful dissolution.
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