Work No. 2852 (2017)
Work No. 2852 (2017)
Martin Creed

Work No. 2852 (2017)

Edition of 100 unique prints
26 colour screenprint on 410 gsm somerset radiant white paper
43 x 35.5 cm (16.9 x 13.9 in)
Signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

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This new print by Martin Creed follows his conceptually constrained methodologies. Respecting things for the way they are, Creed engages in minimal interventions. The marks made for each colour are the same width “the width of the brush“ and the various lengths of each mark based on single brush strokes with varying amounts of ink. This play with ideas of series and sequences, variation and repetition, is in Creed's case an end in itself, the seed or ingredient for making a picture and the picture itself: it's a system that rigorously abdicates the need for aesthetic decision-making. Once the palette of colours were selected the printers followed a random plan of sequencing how the different colours would be used in each print, creating 100 prints which are all unique.


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In a visually saturated world, artists can be faced with seemingly endless possibilities and choices. In response, Martin Creed imposes simple rules on his creativity. He might create a painting using only paintbrushes bought in a multi-pack, or make only one mark a day with the same felt-tip pen until the whole paper surface is covered. Repetition, stacks, and intervals are familiar motifs in his work, along with ascending and descending structures.