The set of five prints come in a cloth-bound handmade portfolio
The set of five prints come in a cloth-bound handmade portfolio
The set of five prints come in a cloth-bound handmade portfolio Katherine Bradford, <i>Person with Colors </i>(2024), 26 colour screenprint, Edition of 75 Katherine Bradford signing her prints Jordan Casteel, <i>Sunset </i>(2024), 26 colour screenprint with hand-painted gouache embellishments, Edition of 100 Jordan Casteel signing her prints Ulala Imai, <i>Melody </i>(2024), 21 colour screenprint, Edition of 75 Ulala Imai signing her prints Nicolas Party, <i>Purple Peaches</i> (2024), 28 colour screenprint, Edition of 100 Nicolas Party signing his prints Francesca Mollett, <i>Blushed Hum </i>(2024), 5 colour lithograph, Edition of 75 Francesca Mollett signing her prints

Magic Breakfast Print Portfolio

Set of limited edition prints by five international artists in a cloth-bound portfolio box. Each edition is signed and dated by the artist. Print mediums include screen printing and hand-pulled lithography.
Prints: 76 x 60 cm (29.9 x 23.6 in)

A third of the profits from the sale of each print will benefit Magic Breakfast.

Curated by Russell Tovey.

Prints by:
Katherine Bradford
Jordan Casteel
Ulala Imai
Francesca Mollett
Nicolas Party


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American artist Katherine Bradford's Person with Colors (2024), edition of 75, shows a genderless figure whose torso, as well as the backdrop, is made up of rich multicolour stripes. Bradford repeatedly features swimmers and bodies of water in her paintings. Although these blocks or bands of colour signify a representational space – a pool, the ocean – they are also abstract fields of pigment, studies of colour and light. Their anonymity gives them an everyman quality. Printed in bright pinks, peaches, oranges and neon greens, they appear to glow from within, illuminating their backdrops.

Jordan Casteel sources her subject matter from her own photographs of the people of color who share and shape her environment. Sunset (2024), edition of 100, is a continuance of Casteel’s ongoing “subway” or “crop” series--each subject sourced from candid encounters on the NYC subway. An anonymous sitter in Sunset (2024) is composed with a palette that renders their skin tone with the vivid hues of dusk, seemingly bursting from a tie-dyed tank top at the core of the composition. Hand embellishing the screenprint with gouache, Casteel has used silver, gold, crimson, lilac and yellow to enhance various details within the frame.

Japanese artist Ulala Imai paints scenes drawn from both her familial life and popular culture. She works in her home, transforming her children’s toys, quotidian foods, and other household items into mysterious and lifelike subjects. For this whimsical print, Melody (2024), edition of 75, Imai revisits her series of still life paintings of a teddy bear paired with a banana. 

British painter Francesca Mollett uses paint to express an intimate, porous exchange between a human presence and more-than human bodies; water, stones, plants, weather. Blushed Hum (2024), edition of 75, is a return to a source/memory from Margate's coastal path, where water contained stillness and the surrounding chipped and chalky rock was the element carrying movement. Luminosity emits from the print, different speeds of colour occur, slow fades and then electric, unexpected, embedded moments of colour; they create a tonal hum.

Swiss-born artist Nicolas Party is primarily known for his colour-saturated paintings. Landscapes, portraits and still lifes of everyday objects, are all pared down to simple volumetric forms stripped of all extraneous detail. For this new print, Purple Fruits (2024), edition of 100, Party depicts a bowl of peaches which are transformed through an imaginative, vibrant use of colour, and composition. 

Magic Breakfast is a registered charity that exists to make sure no child or young person is too hungry to learn. We provide nutritious breakfasts and expert support to primary, secondary, ASN/SEND schools and pupil referral units in disadvantaged areas of England and Scotland. Providing a daily school breakfast ensures that every child and young person feels included, equal and set up for success. Magic Breakfast works to be part of the solution to end child morning hunger for good through our campaigning, research and advocacy work with politicians and decision-makers.

For more information about the work of this wonderful charity, please visit 

This limited edition print portfolio has been curated by Russell Tovey. Tovey is an award-winning British actor with an extensive background in film, television and theatre. He is also a passionate art collector and long-term supporter of Magic Breakfast. Tovey co-hosts art podcast, ‘Talk Art, with friend and gallerist Robert Diament, in which they interview leading artists, curators, gallerists, and celebrities. 


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