David Shrigley limited edition print 1269U
David Shrigley limited edition print 1269U
David Shrigley limited edition print 1269U
David Shrigley

Gold Disc (2012)

Edition of 100
Two colour screen print on 410gsm Somerset
34 x 45.3 cm (13.5 x 17.8 in)
Signed, numbered and dated by the artist

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David Shrigley's art is beloved for its humour, its absurdity, and the strange insight it offers into the peculiarities of our world. His simple, verging-on-juvenile drawings annotated with his distinctive scrawling handwriting hold up a sardonic mirror which somehow generates flashes of profound clarity. 'Gold Disc' offers up a frank meditation on popular success and the sometimes inane trappings that can accompany it. A sharply self-aware work, 'Gold Disc' is a hilarious second edition from the artist, and a welcome reminder to us all not to take ourselves too seriously.
David Shrigley's hilarious and disturbing doodles, sculptures, and anecdotes depict the world as an absurd place. He embraces the paranoias, obsessions (stalking is a favorite theme), insecurities, moral conundrums, preoccupations, and anxieties of everyday life. Everyone is fair game for his humor, from the British Royal Family to his peers in the art world. From the childlike renderings and messy handwriting of his drawings to the spontaneous "public" projects documented in photographs and his playful sculptures, his work is anti-monumental and whimsical, but inherently sincere.
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