The set of eight prints come in a cloth-bound handmade portfolio box
The set of eight prints come in a cloth-bound handmade portfolio box
The set of eight prints come in a cloth-bound handmade portfolio box Screenprinted Colophon Ann Craven, Sunset Moon Bird (2023) 18 colour screenprint. Edition of 100 Ann Craven signing her print Antonia Showering, New Lives (2023) 8 colour lithograph. Edition of 75 Antonia Showering signing her print Billy Childish, alaskan packer (2023) 28 colour screenprint. Edition of 100 Billy Childish signing his print Chris Ofili, Crowning of a Satyr (2023) 40 colour screenprint with hand applied 24 carat gold leaf. Edition of 125 Chris Ofili signing his print Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, The Strike (2023) 22 colour screenprint. Edition of 75 Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings working on their print at Counter Studio, Margate Lisa Brice, Untitled (2023) 11 colour screenprint. Edition on 100 Lisa Brice signing her print Mandy El-Sayegh, Figure 1.80 (2023) 26 colour screenprint and archival pigment print with gold foil. Edition of 75 Mandy El-Sayegh signing her print Peter Doig, Maracas 2000 (2023) 26 colour screenprint. Edition of 150 Peter Doig signing his print

ICA 75 Years Print Portfolio

Set of limited edition prints by eight leading contemporary artists in a cloth-bound portfolio box. Print mediums include screen printing, hand-pulled lithography, foil blocking and gold leaf.
Prints: 76 x 60 cm (29.9 x 23.6 in)
Box: 91 x 74 x 6.5 cm (35 x 29 x 2.5 in)

A third of the profits from the sale of each print will benefit ICA

Prints by:
Ann Craven
Antonia Showering
Billy Childish
Chris Ofili
Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings
Lisa Brice
Mandy El-Sayegh
Peter Doig


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Ann Craven (b. 1967, Boston, USA. Lives and works in New York City)

Ann Craven is well-known for her lushly coloured, bold, serial portraits of the moon, various animals but often birds, flowers, trees and other iconic images from everyday life. These images serve as a touchstone for memory, each repetition of the image a revisiting of a moment, a recalling of loved ones.

Antonia Showering (b. 1991, UK)

Antonia Showering is known for her richly layered depictions of family members in landscape settings, deployed in warm, velvety washes of red, orange and green. Ambiguous yet psychologically charged, Showering’s paintings err between the abstract and the allegorical and are filled with figures Showering calls ‘the people I love or have loved.’

Billy Childish (b. 1959, Chatham, UK)

Billy Childish's paintings, woodcuts, poetry, writing and music share a common honesty that, rather than being nombrilistic, is deeply compelling and idiosyncratic. Childish's practice is informed by a tireless curiosity for themes as varied as war, the history and topography of his local and personal environment, social protest, hill walking and religious philosophy.⁠

Chris Ofili (b. 1968, Manchester, UK. Lives and works in Trinidad)

Chris Ofili's fascinating and fantastical paintings draw on a variety of art and popular culture influences, including comic-book heroes, pornography, jazz and hip hop, 70's afro hairstyles and Blaxploitation movies. His paintings are inspired by personal experience, race, folklore, biblical narrative, and more recently, the island of Trinidad where he lives.

Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings (b. 1991, Newcastle/London)

⁠Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings use the traditional medium of fresco painting to depict street scenes showing groups of people portraying various power dynamics, class and social relations and positions of authority. Their collaborative work is linked to their ongoing research and exploration into the relationship between public space, architecture, state infrastructure, gender and sexual identity, asking viewers to question what public space looks like.⁠

Lisa Brice (b. 1968, Cape Town, SA. Lives and works in London, UK)

Lisa Brice challenges traditional representations of women in Western art history through her figurative painting practice. The female nude, depicted in Brice's signature cobalt blue, is reclaimed from a male gaze that seeks to disempower women as passive objects of desire. In individual and group portraits set in studios and bars, women are liberated from the roles of model and muse. Whether confronting viewers with a direct gaze or seemingly unaware of their presence, Brice's women stand as empowered figures driven by their own desires, rather than those of the spectator.

Mandy El-Sayegh (b. 1985, Malaysia. Lives and works in London, UK)

Mandy El-Sayegh’s highly process-driven practice is rooted in an exploration of material and language. Executed in a wide range of media, including densely layered paintings, sculpture, installation, diagrams, and sound and video, El-Sayegh’s work investigates the formation and break-down of systems of order, be they bodily, linguistic, or political.

Peter Doig (b. 1959, Edinburgh, Scotland. Lives and works in Trinidad)

Peter Doig's paintings have a tendency to disorientate us, even when they depict recognisable imagery such as figures and buildings. He invites us to consider the status of the people, places and events that populate his pictures, whether they exist in private or public realms, in personal or shared experiences.

The Institute of Contemporary Arts is much more than a museum. Since its inception in 1947 as the first truly multi-disciplinary arts organisation, the ICA has always been a progressive, alternative, and a safe place for artists who are looking beyond the mainstream. Today, the ICA remains at the heart of contemporary culture in London, commissioning, producing, and presenting urgent new work in film, music, performance, digital art, and the visual arts, by the most vital and provocative artists of our time.⁠

Counter Editions is delighted to be collaborating with the ICA on this Limited Edition Print Portfolio to celebrate their 75th anniversary. The eight prints will be available both individually and as box sets with a third of profits going to the ICA's programme.⁠

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