Gary Hume

Capital (2011)

  • Edition of 250
  • 13 colour screen print on 400 Velin Arches paper. Produced by Coriander Studios, London.
  • 76 x 60cm
  • Signed, numbered and dated by the artist.
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About the Edition
Gary Hume creates paintings with distinctive colour palettes, reduced imagery, and rich surfaces. Hume has abstracted elements from an image of a wheelchair-tennis player, combining them with foliage and a soft and subtle colour palette. The large, circular form represents the wheel of the wheelchair and the black tennis ball hangs suspended in space, the tennis racquet poised to smash the ball across the net. The large circular form can also be seen as a mouth cheering from the audience. Hume has created an aspirational image celebrating summer sport in London.
About the Artist
Gary Hume combines a passion for painting and a mastery of colour with a hard, cool touch. Starting with found images of familiar subjects - Kate Moss, a blackbird, some flowers - Hume transforms them into bold, semi-figurative abstractions. Though striking and easily seductive, Hume's work retains an uneasy tension, with his decorative vision offset by the desire to show an awkward, edgy kind of beauty.

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