Sam Taylor-Wood limited edition print 1236U
Sam Taylor-Wood limited edition print 1236U
Sam Taylor-Wood limited edition print 1236U
Sam Taylor-Johnson

Escape Artist (Green and Red) (2010)

Edition of 175
Light jet digital c-type on Fuji Crystal archive paper
56.5 x 82 cm (22.2 x 32.3 in)
Signed, and numbered by the artist on the reverse.

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Taken from her iconic series 'Escape Artist', Sam Taylor-Wood has produced a new print exclusively for Counter Editions - 'Escape Artist (Green and Red)' (2010). Reminiscent of the artist's earlier 'Self Portrait Suspended' series, these photographs show the artist similarly suspended mid-air, in this case from brightly coloured helium balloons. "I have to hide my face in the pictures. It is a combination of hiding the grimacing pain - because I think that destroys the photograph - but it is also because I don't think you need to see my face." She said the pain was necessary as the photographs were a response to her fight against cancer. "I made them shortly after I was no longer referring to myself as an ill person. There is a definite sense of physical freedom from the constraints of illness. Indeed, there is an air of the escape artist, of the magician, to these works. The artist does seem to be performing a miraculous act of levitation. The balloons surely aren't enough to stop her slumped descent to the hard ground below. And so what is holding her up? Perhaps nothing less than an act of faith.
Sam Taylor-Wood combines elements of still and moving images, frequently exploring the tensions and entanglements arising between people in a closed environment. Often emotionally and spatially disorientating, her highly choreographed scenes bring together a cast of everyday people, close friends, models, and actors. Through highly charged scenarios, her artworks examine our shared social and psychological conditions, and the split between being and appearance.
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